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Central Indiana Mensa sponsors many monthly and semi-monthly activities. For exact dates, times, and places, please see the calendar page.

If you want to organize, or sponsor, or host or just help out with an activity, speak up! The group can always use volunteers.

Monthly membership meeting, the 2nd Friday of the month. Open to the public. Cover charge: $5. Meeting consists of general announcements, a featured speaker, and refreshments. Socializing occurs before and after the meeting.

Location is back at Riley Towers, 2nd floor conference room of the Residence Center, 650 N. Alabama, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Executive Committee Meeting, monthly. Open to all members. Location varies.

Indianapolis Lunch Bunch, 1st Friday, Canary Cafe, 621 Ft. Wayne.

Carmel Ham 'n' Eggs, 1st Saturday.

Kokomo Breakfast, every other Saturday.

Bloomington Breakfast, 2nd and 4th Saturday. Cappacino's at 3rd and Lincoln. From 9:30-11:00.

Bridge SIG, monthly.

Sober SIG, monthly.

MINDbending. A monthly activity where we assemble, staple and label the newsletter in preparation for mailing. Location rotates among members' homes.   A minimum of 8 people are needed for smooth operation. More are always welcome. If you'd like to host, call Publisher Nancy at 632-4747.

Proctored Testing. Testing offers a means of entrance into Mensa, as well as an opportunity for people to satisfy their curiosity and have fun. (Certain types of "prior evidence" are also acceptable, see our national "HOW TO JOIN" page for details.) We hold testing sessions the 2nd Saturday, every other month. See the calendar page, or email Russ Washburne for exact times and places of our testing sessions.

  • Regional Gathering, is Mensa's equivalent of a convention. Food, fun activities, lots of socializing, lots of food, speakers, events, (did I say food?). Held from a Friday evening through Sunday Noon, usually the last weekend in January or the first weekend in February. 2000's is January 28/29/30th. See calendar.
  • Corn Roast, a tradition started long ago by John Matthews, and continued in his memory, usually held in the summer.
  • New-member picnic, new members attend free, old members pay $2, usually held in the summer at Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis.
  • booth at Penrod Art Fair, on the grounds of Indianapolis Museum of Art, for recruiting purposes.
  • Outdoor Gathering, a camp-out, usually at Versailles State Park (in Southeastern Indiana), in September. Held from a Friday evening through Sunday Noon.
  • Thanksgiving dinner, an informal, un-official get-together, held at the home of whoever wants to host it, cooked by whoever wants to cook.
  • Christmas party, pitch-in dinner and gift exchange.

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