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December - The Real Millennium. O.K., soon it will REALLY be the Twenty-first Century; Consider the last twelve months of staring at the numeral "2000" a dress rehearsal: what should we now resolve to do, be, demand or experience in the age to come?
DEADLINE: November 10

January - The Bones of My Ancestors. Archeology/Anthropology faces one of its greatest challenges in the demands of various tribal societies to respect the dead by surrendering ancient remains for reburial and by the barring of "sacred lands" to exploration. Who has the moral high ground here? Is "science" always a trump card or is this a case of racial desecration?
DEADLINE: December 11

February - My Best Date. We've a surplus of "dates from hell" stories; how about lightening the genre with an account of the best time you ever had (or, to allow for a fiction category, hope to have) on a date?
DEADLINE: January 11

March - Zero Tolerance: a bite outa crime or a surrender of common sense?  Is an inflexible response to chemicals, violence, prejudice and other forms of misbehavior a necessary firmness in an increasingly out-of-control society or an excuse for highly-paid officials to behave like moronic robots?

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